Guys! Watch Out! Phentermine Abuse May Land You Into Trouble

Have you ever tried to use Phentermine without the recommendation of your doctor to meet certain illegal requirements? Never in your dream allow this thought to enter into your head as in the long run only you, the user, would have to suffer untold suffering for your momentary slip into illegal activity. It is not a useless sermon that I am trying to preach you; rather it is a cautionary statement on disregarding which you would find yourself into a sea of troubles from which there is no way out.

Things would become clear only if you cast a glance at the consequences that became evident when the diet pill Phentermine was utilized unethically. Only recently, at the South East Asian Games, a karate payer who had been in the Malaysian National Karate team for a long time was tested positive for the illegal use of the weight loss drug Phentermine and is now on the verge of being stripped of his silver medal which has been with him since a long time back as a prized possession.

In no way the guilt committed by Rayner Kinsiong, Malaysia`s National Karate expert can be vindicated. Even though he had his own reasons to indulge in unethical Phentermine usage which was to participate in the 75 kg karate category at the South East Asian games, this straightforward fact can’t be ruled out that Rayner Kinsiong used the medicine without any medical recommendation and to meet unethical ends.

Rayner Kinsiong, the player regularly participated in the 80 kg category but as this event was not included at the South East Asian games organized by the south East Asian games Committee, he shifted to the 75 kg category which further demanded rapid weight loss from him. He had aPhentermine side effects period of six months in hand and within this short time frame he was required to trigger off huge weight loss in order to ensure his participation in the 75 kg category.

Thus when necessity weighed heavily on him, the karate expert took the diet pill Phentermine which was approved by FDA for the treatment of obesity for a short time frame. The resultant effect was that a silver medal which was earlier won by him is on the point of being forcibly taken from him by the authority. And what happened to his public image that he has made for himself through hard work over then years? Undoubtedly, all the fame acquired by him throughout the years shattered to pieces.

The approval by the Food And Drugs Administration doesn’t mean that you can get hold of Phentermine illegally from the market and use it to meet requirements which are considered unlawful. It is nothing but Phentermine misuse or Phentermine abuse and to curb this illegitimate practice, a plethora of rules and regulations are put in place.

So beware of the repercussions of malpractices and start off with your Phentermine administration in the legally inoffensive way to wage a successful battle against overweight, obesity and all the obesity induced diseases that appear threatening to you.