Weight Loss Motivation Techiques

One of the biggest obstacles between you and your weight loss target or goal is motivation, or rather lack of it.

For most of us, losing weight is something that is easier said than done. A weight loss journey could take several months of dedication, will power and deprivation. There is no reward without effort, unfortunately there is not a quick fix where weight loss is concerned.

In stark contrast to what the majority of manufacturers that produce weight loss products and slimming supplements tell us – weight loss is not easy, nor is it quick and not every product be a success.

In recent times, the current trend involving the short cut or quick fix approach to weight loss appeals to more and more people, time constraints are a major factor. Diet Pills and slimming supplements are the most popular short cut method. The message that more and more diet products companies are telling us is rapid weight loss.

The most obvious and widely used weight loss motivation Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Photos technique is to set a target date, usually a holiday or special occasion. The mistake most commonly made is to too short a time frame. If you are going and holiday at the height of the summer your weight loss journey should start in January just after the new year.

The time frame misconception can be attributed to some diet pill manufacturers. Without dismissing the efficacy of any particular diet product is the – lose weight in 2 weeks type of advertisement that tars the whole industry.

Weight loss can be experienced in a short space of time but often prone to the weight loss yoyo effect. This is where weight lost initially is put straight back as the diet product or diet plan is not sustainable.

So how do you get motivated to lose weight.

The best way to achieve safe, healthy and permanent weight loss is to give yourself a reason to lose weight, as mentioned previously a special occasion such as wedding, birthday or holiday are great drivers.

A under used technique that is incredibly effective is to buy an item of clothing that is a size too small. Hang this item of clothing in full view in your bedroom so that each and every morning you will be reminded what your goal is.