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Are you looking for a quick and safe domestic asbestos removal Blackpool? Look no further! Our team works in small and even large scale of asbestos removal projects now over 20+ years experience. Your project is in good hands with us. We are insured and licenced by HSE

wrapping asbestos materials

Remove asbestos Blackpool

Asbestos is a highly toxic commercial cilicate mineral that was used in mainly constructions but in bigger scale too as well as shipping factories, military and big textile firms. Literally we were surrounded by this hazardous crystal.

Harmful Asbestos Blackpool

Asbestos is extremely harmful when is airborn. How does it happen, you might ask. Good Question. Let’s start here: Asbestos in the commercial space quite strongly bonded with other materials, like paper, cement, paint, lack that does not release the fibres unless it breaks or get damaged. And that is the main problem. It usually happens when those asbestos containing materials being disturbed during demolition, or by upgrading properties, homes or offices. We are talking about older constructions when asbestos had still been is use.

Domestic asbestos removal

There is a safe time zone we could say: from the year of 2000 asbestos was an illegal material to use in constructions and productions in the United Kingdom. Interesting, you can still find asbestos is break pads in cars. That’s because those items are manufactured in other countries othside of the U.K. plus they are present in a very small quantity.

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Asbestos location in a domestic building in Blackpool
This illustration is showing the possible location of asbestos containing materials.